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Right after a San Jose couple exchanged their vows and rings, their guests started trading punches. Kiet Do says an army of cops showed up to break up the fight.


Traci Robarchek says:

Poor bride and groom. Bad luck for these two. I wish you the best.

Beto Ortiz says:

This prepares them for being married.

John Wick says:

Trump rally wedding!

Lupe Diaz says:

All I know is that they couldn't take us fucking little pussys ! The news has it all wrong.

klc abs says:

Superman punch…

Carla Chacon says:

It's funny how the news can just put a story together without even knowing shit smh!!!

Nappy-headed Knuckle heads says:


Corey Soze says:

Bud Lite caused this?!

MrColdwatercanyon says:

East side haha

Brock M says:

Oh look, they're Mexicans and drunk.

Re-signed with Top Rank to avoid Errol Spence Jr. says:

Fat Mexican women are the most aggressive Latin people in the world.

Sofia Valentine says:

That was my cousins wedding

Anthony Rodriguez says:

it's fuckin essj

Alfredo Gomez says:

00:51 That was a hell of a party lol

Wolf Demon owo says:

Guys this is my family no one got arrested or that stuff they are fine it happens every year in my life ;-;

Donny Ko says:

You don't have my consents to record lol your on world star you tube

Jay Rey says:

That shows the respect they have for that Couple. Wow Ruined

Tapatio Parkour Man says:

Bud light ?!?!?!

Slowboyz 209 says:

1:07 when I’m at the gym and my coach starts recording me gasping for air

Love is Good says:

I told my mom I would be famous

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