Santa Clara Mission & Westin San Jose Wedding

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Anh and Matt met at Santa Clara University so naturally their gorgeous cherry blossom themed wedding was at Santa Clara Mission! After some time apart they realized they were meant to be. Santa Clara Mission was also the location where Matt proposed. Fun fact: this was where I filmed my first professional wedding waayyy back in 2002! Always fun to return to such a beautiful church.

Besides getting married at SCM they also blended their Vietnamese and Japanese cultures. The tea ceremony was my favorite part of this wedding.

From Anh on Yelp:

“I spent a lot of time viewing videos before finally selecting a videographer for our wedding. I was immediately drawn to Wendi’s storytelling style and felt that she really captured the feel of each wedding in her films. Instead of just setting footage to music, Wendi is able to tell the story of the wedding, and the couple, and incorporate all the important vows, speeches, and moments into a short film.

I’m so glad that I went with Wendi. She was very professional and so easy to work with (which makes all the difference for hectic wedding days). I was on pins and needles waiting to see our short wedding film and all of our footage, and I was not disappointed. I still watch our film often even six months later, and I’m sure I will continually view it for years to come. I highly recommend Swoon films.”