Therese and Mike: A Wedding in San Jose Church

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Music by the Lumineers.


They politely hinted at wanting a song by the Lumineers for the SDE. I know I couldn’t get a license for it but I acceeded. They wanted it THAT much. They wanted it so much it was included in the groom’s thank you speech. It was awesome to hear. The burden of guilt for using an “illegal” song was far outweighed by the gratitude overflowing. (No I wasn’t guilty).

Second. Therese for all her beauty, was quietly unassuming. She was very conscious in front of the cameras. This is just me but that makes her all the more beautiful (not knowing you’re drop dead). But that’s exactly how we wanted it. Just stealthily capturing her laughter and wide smiles.

Genuine. As should a wedding be. Nothing contrived.